31 Jul


Don’t mind the title of this post readers

Just trying to add a lil spice

Actually from my point of view,i think rooney should leave…..

I mean,there is no point keeping him.

When your heart is no more there then there is nothing you can do

I felt his pain when he asked to leave because no one wants 2 be a Second Option and to face the fact,that’s what he is @ MUTD presently…

Its just like a relatioship,no 1 likes to be the side chick(even though u pretend u like it) 😉

RVP has taken his spot(main chick) or maybe am just not seeing what Moyes is seeing(prolly because he likes double dating 😀 )

Should he manage to stay and keep being the second choice(rather side chick) or he should leave????


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