31 Jul



The combination of two of them alone gives me’ goose bumps….like really BALE+RONALDO in one team gives you that *oh my gosh* feeling

I love Ronaldo yeah,he is cute et al but mainly because he plays World Class Football…He combined Swag with Football  *Perfect*

Bale though is not really the definition of Being Fine buh he has the traits.. 😉 He plays good football too

Leaving it to me,i think the two of them can beat the “Neymar+Messi” Team…#justsaying

Barca Fans,sorry if  am talking too much..#JustSharingMyView

Will Real rule Spain this coming season or Barca??

Team ‘Bale+Ronaldo’ or Team         ‘Neymar+Messi’?-


4 Responses to “TEAM ‘BALE+RONALDO’ or TEAM ‘NEYMAR+MESSI’ ??????”

  1. samaonpoint August 1, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    #TeamMessiNeymar looks scintillating, it’ll be reminiscent of the “Henry + Eto’o + Messi” partnership. This time it’ll most likely this way: “Neymar + Messi + Pedro/Tello/Alexi”, it should be vbery mobile too, Messi alone can’t keep scoring the goals week in week out, other players need to step up their gas and deliver just like the mercurial Argentine.

    #TeamRonaldoBale looks magical on paper, on the pitch, they should offer blistering soccer too, raking in goals “right, left, centre”. But in the long run, it’ll jeopardise #RealMadrid’s identity. When I was growing up, #RealMadrid was an epitome of slick passing football, the #Galacticos were a joy to watch. But with the acquisition of #CR7, madrid had to switch to the “typical kick and follow British Long ball” football. All they did was get the baal to #Alonso, who in turn pumps it up the field to #CR7 of #DiMaria, and boom, a goal pops up! If #RealMadrid eventually acquires #Bale, then we should get set for more “long boring football”.

    Only time will tell, but I’ll place my bet on #TeamNeymarMessi.

    Great piece betsy. #Bless

  2. Slick sams August 1, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

    @sama if i talk nw u’ll say its becos i support madrid bt all i av 2 say is even without bale madrid will be crazy this season…WATCH OUT

  3. TREASURE_P August 2, 2013 at 8:57 am #

    In a team of #MessiNeymarIniesta: except nothing less than possession and skills buh we are talking of #RonaldoBaleBenzema: its all about pace, goalsssssssss and wat more dan TROPHIES!!!!

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