Ronaldo proved Being REAL!!!!BEAT THAT MOU!!!!!

8 Aug


A couple of days ago, Mourinho, in his usual
Mind games manner, implied that ‘CR7 is fake’
That he is not the ‘real’ Ronaldo

Was that comment really called for? *smh*

But days later, CR7 replied in a very diplomatic way and has
refused to join issues with his former boss.

Actually all the time I have known him,CR7 has always
been Cristiano Ronaldo.
On the contrary
however,Mourinho has rebranded severally
from ‘the special one’ to ‘the only one’ to ‘the
happy one’ … and counting….


And then it came like a flash on MOU……….*eyes wide open*

Real madrid played against Chelsea and the ‘REAL’ ronaldo scored two against mou’s side…

The goals were like *Beat that Mou**…. 🙂

Madrid beat chelsea three goals to one… *pathetic*

If ronaldo were to be a rapper too wit his football career,he woulda given out some punchlines like **uhn uhn…i go by the name ronaldo,the REALest footballer that’s ever bin in existence…i  ₳m”””errrrm””””

*brrrrr**i got stuck….let me leave the rapping to em JayZ and co…. 😀


Who’s actually not ‘real’ between CR7 and Mourinho?


2 Responses to “Ronaldo proved Being REAL!!!!BEAT THAT MOU!!!!!”

  1. Olayinka Soyode August 8, 2013 at 5:49 pm #


  2. Tosin August 8, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

    C’mon, the match was actualy closd,CR7 just came up a couple of times to steal d day…i ve to give it to MOU though,kept his cool a lil bit…awaiting season kick-off

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