11 Aug


Yeah yeah i know some of you will think its crazy of me to think that…

Well what can i say,am just not a fan of Barca..I will still talk about it though

Neymar!!!!**clears throat**
MESSI!!!!**standing ovation**

Had to activate caps lock to type his name…

“”Y?””i dunno **

This two players are good…
No!!One is exceptional

Some would say ‘Messi is a god’….**scratch that!not interested**

Avnt seen much of Neymar’s games but the ones i saw during confederation’s cup showed me how very good he really is…

**spain can testify to that 😉
pique(a.k.a shakira) can explain better though **
**dancing to ‘hips don’t lie’***

Ohh my bad!!almost 4got myself back there… 😉
Back to the topic……

I have a beef with messi because he is a barca player and i have a beef with barca because they win too much( ** O_O **)yeah u saw that,they win too much**thats why i said its a ‘beef’

Then there comes another beef with Neymar because he has joined them.

Anywaiz,i saw some neymar’s games and i was like “this dude is gon do some real shii in barca” but where does that put our “almighty messi”??because i don’t see messi getting tired of scoring too

I dunno buh i know derz gon b some competition among both of em because they will both want to score

Its not my biznes i know but my fingers are crossed on that………

Do you think he will outshine messi or messi will just do his thing?You know “do your thing,i do my thing.No disturbance!”

***back to my dancing*** \ / | \ \ / 😀 😉



  1. sunky August 12, 2013 at 7:15 am #

    I don’t think it’s possible for neymar to outshine Messi at is just like saying Bale coming to Madrid to outshine Ronaldo…no doubt he will really impress most especially in dis first season but he won’t be able to outshine Messi. Other players like ibrahimovic and Alexis have tried it and failed, I wonder why neymar would be different from them .

  2. Olayinka Soyode August 12, 2013 at 8:01 am #

    To me, MESSI is just d definition of football, whether u accept or not…we all just hatin cos we wish he’s our player

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