16 Aug



With Champion’s League football secured,they usually close the month of May with this familiar sentence “ lets watch out for next season ”


This is the transfer period and the 2nd most stressful time for Arsenal fans.

These period occurs in 3 stages.

The financial report comes through and as usual their club has made profits of up to £100m, so the fans start discussing the players the are sure they will buy.

At this point only big names are mentioned,”” Cristiano
Ronaldo,Neymar and Lionel Messi.”


The realisation that Wenger cannot spend anything above £20m hits them

So the discussion
shifts to players like Higuain, Suarez,Bernard,gustavo and Rooney.

At this point they start photo cropping Arsenal Jerseys onto these players,then they monitor Jack Wilshere on twitter to see who he follows…
Then they cross
their fingers


They beat all pre-season teams with 7goals margins
They really turn up their game
The fans now get delirious
They start discussing chances of even winning the World Cup…

**wait…i gotta laugh hard at that***rotflmao**

The Wenger calls a
press conference to announce the signing of an 8yr old refugee from France…



They start the season’s campaign with a bang,all guns blazing.
They thrash newly promoted teams 4 goals a piece
The fans now are on cloud 99
They forget about the dissapointment of not buyin new players.
“Team Gunners”!!! They shout.

Ramsey starts being compared to Pirlo
Soon they start WALCOTT >MESSI comparision
And playing like Barcelona!!!!”


Still on a winning trot, brushing aside teams like dust.
The fans are now walking on air, a talk of winning the treble begins.
Champions League fixtures roll out, easy teams,”they are now top on the table


They lose their first match of the month, then
blame it on the referee, “Howard Webb”
Then they lose the next match, then the next,then the next…..
Then they cry..“WENGER OUT!!!”



Bruised and bartered, they are now 4th on the table and 2nd in the CL group. The fans cross their fingers praying they don’t get Barcelona……
Then BOOOOM! They get Barcelona….
They start praying for messi to get injury


They get knocked out of the FA cup: they are  still in mid table in EPL and CL”
Then they get knocked out of Carling Cup:
“silly cup anyway,they complain!”


Just before they meet Barcelona
Jack Wilshere picks up an injury,6yrs out
They go to Cam Nou,
They get thrashed 4-1:
Wenger starts complaining of injury.. They travel to emirate,2nd leg
comes, they get thrashed 3-0: “

Messi vs Arsenal (armaggedon in camp Nou)

WENGER IN INTERVIEW: we played very well but the
better side won, now lets concentrate on EPL”


They lose 4 matches in a row,they  are  now 8th on the table, 4 places below Tottenham
“The fans starts crying…Fuuuuck! Wenger Out!!!
Suicide cases rise, they curse and curse all through the month



3 comeback wins against tough opposition and suddenly:
“Yeeeeaa haters!! Comeback Kings!!
Comeback Kings!! Top 4 here we come!”

They thrash Tottenham in the next game and seal top 4 position
Then the fans shouts…

“PWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Chocking cockerels! Top 4 baibee!!!!!!



End of the season..their captain put up a transfer request.


No beefs please…we all know how it begins and ends…
Please Arsenal fans,no sentiments


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