OZIL!!!!The Solution To Arsenal’s Trophy Drought or Not??!!

14 Sep


Arsenal handed a debut to deadline day signing Ozil against sunderland

And for a debut,he performed wonderfully well…..

I mean watching the match against sunderland made it obvious that if arsene wenger had been spending so much money to buy players,then that probably would have ended their trophy drought since!

Even though it was sunderland they played against

(**scoffs**any big team would have won too**)


Buh nywaiz what my concern really is if “ozil” alone would be able to do all the work because any player could get injured

( **i mean evn almighty messi ad one** :)…. )

So if ozil gets injured (**am not saying he will though**,)then how will they cope?because i think their trophy lies with him #myopinionthough

And carzola has been ruled out till october cz of injury(although 1 can’t be all that happy about carzola playing,i mean hez been there since and still no trophy yet)

I think everything goes down to buying more players..

And i hope walcott and giroud can do more in order to 2 enhance ozil’s performance

Because fine it was easy playing sunderland but champions league is few days away and if walcott keeps throwing away chances like he does and if giroud(yeah he scored,i know) fluctuates the way he does then there will def be a problem…And also remember that carzola is not around

I wish ozil a wonderful stay with the gunners and hope he wins a trophy….(**almost choked on that though** ) in his first season.

I hope wenger finds some ways to put it inside his player’s heads that they need to compose themselves now more because ” OZIL HAS ARRIVED” and  he sure doesn’t like losing.. 😉

So all been said, “do u think ozil’s impact will end the trophy drought??”

As for me, am sitting on a fence on this one 😉


One Response to “OZIL!!!!The Solution To Arsenal’s Trophy Drought or Not??!!”

  1. Minkail Autos Ltd April 16, 2015 at 11:51 pm #

    He ended it 😆

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